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About Us

We're working hard to keep your users staring at their mobile phones

for even longer every day.


About Us

Four years ago, a group of hotshot developers and designers came together with a vision.  To build elegant, memorable, eye-catching, usable mobile apps for startups.  And four years later we are still sticking to our commitment.  Our goal is to build apps that keep you staring at your screen for longer every day.  Engaging apps which look good, work well, and achieve the goals of our clients without badgering our users.  

Our jobs are constantly being challenged - with new technologies emerging every few months; changing cultural shifts like privacy and mobile phone usage; new languages and design trends.  But we're a passionate bunch, and making apps is what makes us happy.  From meeting you, the client, and talking about your ideas, to working out who we can fit that all into a 50MB download from the App Store that people can use easily, and come back for more. 


Duncan Campbell
CEO & Founder
+34 678 946 763

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Marek Pivovarnik
+421 907 990 565



Whatever you need, give us a call.  One of our team will be happy to chat with you, on the phone or Skype or in person in either our Barcelona or London office.   If we can make your app dreams come true, we will.