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Joanna Montgomery

CEO @ Pillow Talk

“I trust Gorilla Arm and wouldn’t work with anyone else. They always have my back.”

Gorilla Arm is always available and willing to work on any assignment. Their product nearly never crashes and is much higher-quality than the Android version built by another firm. They require minimal oversight, proactively accomplish tasks, and work well with other teams.

Their team and founder are always willing to help with any phase of the project. They collaborate well with my firmware team and require little oversight on my part. I trust Gorilla Arm and wouldn’t work with anyone else. They always have my back.

When finalizing the manufacturing in China, Gorilla Arm’s founder stayed up early into the morning to make sure everything went well. I was able to send him updates and questions, and he answered right away. He never complained and always seemed happy to help.



Tom Frumermann

CEO @ Aktivus

“Gorilla Arm really connected with us and understood everything we wanted.”

The app has received positive reviews, especially regarding its professional appearance. Gorilla Army skillfully kept expectations in check while transforming ideas into reality. They provide a flexible payment model and are open to in-person meetings.

I’ve never developed an app before, so I don’t have anything to benchmark their performance against. But, after showing the app to different people—even ones in the development field—everyone told us that it was developed by professionals. When we were building the app, many of the ideas would be in our heads, but we wouldn’t know how to make them real. Gorilla Army really connected with us and understood everything we wanted.


Juan Criollo

CEO @ Bandwidth

"Compared to other agencies in the city, they provided the best service."

The app was both functional and engaging, attracting 20,000 global users and positive press attention. Gorilla Arm delivered every task on time and produced exceptional designs. Their team was friendly and communicative, and their process was tailored to the company's needs.  

They always met deadlines, which was very important to us. We always struggled to deliver things on time during previous similar projects. Their designs were also great; their designers really know how to do their work well. About 99% of our experience with them was positive.


Ian Welsh


"Without them, we wouldn’t be able to realize our mission."

The team’s expert advice enhanced the app’s technical aspects, particularly its communication features. They were transparent and made development concepts accessible to non-specialist stakeholders. Gorilla Arm has performed consistently with responsive service and quick turnarounds.

The team’s transparency and communication skills helped them explain each step in a clear manner for people without a technical background. They suggested certain development techniques and supplied different options for optimizing the app’s connective communication features. By implementing their outstanding ideas, we can now showcase people’s items in a unique way.


Jason Salzberg

CEO @ Adviewers

"Every step of the way, the design was incredible."

The app has received favorable reviews from users and the marketplace. The design is eye-catching and creative. Gorilla Arm was readily accessible and communicative across several time zones, and they displayed a dedication to the project’s success. 

The design was something that always stood out from the beginning. Every step of the way, the design was incredible.


Enio Sarrias

CEO @ Sensorial 

"They were fast and the app was very well executed."

The finished application launched on the App Store to positive reviews, with potential scope for expansion in the future. They managed the project effectively, executing the development quickly and rapidly addressing any issues that arose.

I never received a service that was so fast, for such good value for money. I would definitely recommend them.