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Here is an explanation of how we work on our projects.  Of course, every project is different, but we use this structure to ensure we have everything covered and build the right app for our clients every time.

Our Process

Quick Look


  • We meet you to discuss the brief and give you a time and price estimate.
  • We then meet to discuss everything in detail, and create our contract based on this.  Time and price estimate may vary.
  • We then create some wireframes, present them to you with 1 round of changes included in the price.
  • We then create a basic prototype on iPhone to ensure wireframes are suitable.  1 round of changes included in the price.
  • As you complete the design, you send it to us and we will then add it to the prototype until it is a 100% fully functioning app. 1 round of changes included in the price.
  • We will then rapidly develop the Android version ready for launch.


Detailed Explanation



To begin any project, we'll meet with you (in person or on a call) to discuss what the requirements of the app are, what data needs to be collected, what actions the users need to be able to do, what platforms the app should work on, what specific features the app needs to have (Bluetooth/AR/animations/payments etc.) and any time restriction that you have.  We'll then get back to you with an approximate price and timeframe to allow you to decide if the project is feasible.


If that sounds good, we'll then arrange a meeting with you to decide on all the details of the project - this meeting can take between 3 and 6 hours depending on the size of the app.  We'll discuss everything about the project - from the structure of the wireframes, level of graphic design, what data we need to collect, how we split the functionality between different screens, various different scenarios users can find themselves in, which analytics and data we need to capture and manipulate etc.  We will also discuss what parts of the project you would like to be involved in (i.e. graphic design, creation of base data) and the parts that we perform (i.e. wireframes, software development).

From this, we will prepare a specification of works (agreed by you) and this will form our contractual agreement for the development of the app.  

If there are no surprises and everything in this document was discussed for the original brief, the price should be more or less the same as the original estimate.  However, it may be possible that something was not previous considered, and in this case the price may vary.  If the new price is now outside of the acceptable range and you decide to not continue with the project, there will be a charge of 1120€ + VAT for the work undertaken to prepare the specification.

Once our contract is signed, we will begin developing the wireframes for the app (this usually takes approximately 1 week, but can be more for larger projects).  We'll visit you to present the wireframes and based on our discussions we will then make one round of changes included in the price.  Any additional rounds of changes will be charged at our agreed daily rate (our standard day rate for Spain is 560€ + VAT, however we are open to negotiate with you on this for larger projects).


Once the wireframes are approved we will make a basic prototype (without any graphic design) which takes into account the main features of the app.  This will allow us to confirm that our wireframes are designed correctly, and that the app is intuitive and easy to use.  This will also allow us to identify any scenarios we may not have considered or that require modification (i.e. have we educated the users enough about the app's features, are we requesting information in the right moments to ensure a fluid use of the app).  Based on our prototype, we'll make one round of changes (to the wireframes and prototype) included in the price.

iOS Prototype

At this stage, we will await the graphic design from your team.  As it becomes available, you will send it to us and we will get it added to the app.  Obviously it is important that this process is timed efficiently so that we are not waiting for graphic design from you at any moment.  We will be available to give advice and criticism of the designs based on our knowledge of accepted design trends, and feasibility of animations.  


Our team will add more functionality to the app, as well as your graphic design, and we'll regularly send you updates as we go along to ensure you can see progress and spot any issues.  Once everything is complete, we'll do a round of internal QA testing before releasing the final version to you for your own testing (which we can help with).

Build of iOS app

Once the iOS app has been fully approved, we will start rapid development of the Android app.  Since there will be no necessity to pass through the wireframing and prototyping stages, this process will be fast and efficient.  We will request your approval for any changes to the design and give you the opportunity to make any amendments in a final round of changes.  See below for our guarantee about support for Android devices and operating system versions.

Build of Android app

Finally, before launch, we'll help you to prepare everything for submission to the App Stores, typical promotional materials for the website and the press kit content which we know journalists will use from our experience.  Our strong recommendation is to perform a test on a small group of users (50 to 100) before the full launch of the app.  This will help identify any major problems before the full rollout.  We will also set you up so you can monitor analytics as well as access the database.



Other Information


We take a lot of pride in the work that we do, and we build our apps to work flawlessly across all supported devices.  Whilst other agencies offer a limited period of time for fixing problems on their apps, we guarantee to make sure the app keeps working consistently provided that no external factors change.  This means that we will fix any problems with the app provided it is being used on the same devices and operating system and server config that it was when it was launched.

Obviously, new devices are released, and new technology is developed, new operating systems are launched.  When this happens, we'll let you know and give you an estimate for fixing the change - ideally before it becomes a problem.  But don't worry - we build our apps to be robust and keep working in the vast majority of cases when new devices or OSs are released.


It's impossible for us to say how long a typical app can take to build.  But as a guideline:

  • The shortest amount of time we need to make an app is about 6 to 8 weeks.  Anything less and we can't be confident that we are building a solid product. Obviously, feel free to contact us anytime and we can discuss what you need and how long we would need to get it done - we'll make it happen if we can.
  • If you do have a tight deadline and a large project, one option we can employ is to divide the work into multiple sections, and build the app, adding one section at a time.  This way, if we don't have time to do all the different sections, you will at least have an app with a few sections before the deadline is due.



Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We're happy to amend this webpage with any further info you require so that you have it all in one place.  Contact Duncan on duncan@gorillaarm.io.