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Our goal at Gorilla Arm is to be able to build the right app for your needs, using the very best and cost-effective technologies to achieve your goals.


  Whether that is to build an MVP in the shortest time/budget possible, or design an immersive, unforgettable experience for your brand, or integrate third party payment processors, Bluetooth devices, machine learning or anything else you need.  

Whatever it is, just get in touch with us and let us know and we'll work out how we can make it happen on the budget you have.

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Native App Development

Native Apps (that is to say, an app written specifically for iOS or Android devices) is our speciality.   These apps are written 100% for the operating system they run on, meaning they are fast and efficient and work beautifully across all devices on their platform.  As new technologies are launched every year, our team is busy learning the ropes, ready to add new features to improve the experience offered to your users.

User Experience Design

We know what makes a great app.  And we know that the simplest apps have undergone hours of user experience design and testing to ensure a smooth ride.  With all our projects, we'll prototype our designs, and test on them on real devices with users who have no prior knowledge of the project.  Then we go back to the drawing board, improve where we can, and try again.  Like this we're constantly edging closer to a flawless experience which educates the user, while leaving them to explore what's on offer - all the while boosting your user retention.

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App Strategy

Not sure if you need an app or a website?  Or what your app should even offer to your users?  Don't worry - you're in safe hands.  Come and tell us about your project and we'll work out the very best solution for you.  Not every platform should be an app, but if it is we'll know the very best way of making it happen.  Competing with others in a crowded market - no worries.  We have ideas which will draw in users to your platform, and make the app a success. 

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Machine Learning

Processing of huge data sets for machine learning has got steadily more accessible, to the point now that we are using Machine Learning to improve the experience of our users.  Whether we're using smart machines to provide meaningful recommendations to our users, or analysing big data to spot pricing trends, or using algorithms to identify the contents of photos.  If you know what you want, we can help source the data to train the machine to start producing the results you need to increase engagement and retention.

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React Native

We've been playing around with React Native for a while now, and whilst it hasn't all been plain sailing, the results are getting better.  React Native has the benefit of allowing us to write a single code base for both Android and iOS devices - which in theory should reduce time and costs.  Right now, because the framework is relatively new, those costs about equal out but as it is being constantly improved we are confident that any day now we'll start to see a cost benefit of react development.  We're always happy to discuss the pros and cons of using React Native with you, to see if it would be a good fit for your startup.


Bluetooth, Wearables and Beacons

We have a long history of working with Bluetooth - whether it was for the Elvie project that uses a connected device to train your Kegal muscles, or Pillow Talk which transmits your heart beat to your loved one regardless of distance.  If you need an app which connects with a device, we have the experience to make it happen - working with your team in China to specify the needs of the app into the firmware and provide test apps for them to use during the build phase of the device.  

We've also built other Bluetooth-related apps, such as iWatch apps and app which rely on beacons for positioning users.  If you have a requirement for any one of these types of app, we''d be happy to discuss how we can help make it happen.


Augmented Reality (AR)

This year makes the first year that AR apps have become mainstream, with multiple users being explored and delivered thanks to frameworks from both Apple and Google pre-built into their operating systems.  Whether you need AR to improve engagement (i.e. in a new social network), or a tool for making people's lives easier (i.e. measuring distances or labelling distant objects) we can help make it happen with a smooth implementation.  We also have connections with 3D visual artists who can create assets for you.


Payment Platforms

Most startups these days need payments included into their app - whether its a an e-commerce online store or a "gig economy" platform where your startup takes a cut of the payment between two distinct types of users.  We've got you covered, with extensive experience integrating payment providers (i.e. Stripe) into our platforms so that your users can make payments, with the money being transferred to other user, or yourself. 

And we know that users sometimes need to handle legal documents too, so we know all about integrating ditigial signature technology into our apps so that you can create legally-valid contracts between your users and yourselves.